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About Us

In  2011 our hearts were broken when we received the devastating news during our scan that they could no longer find our baby’s heartbeat and our baby had died. Our son was born  at Watford General Hospital on the 23rd of April. Reece had ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes he was perfect and looked like he was sleeping. We held him ,dressed him took his hand and fingerprints and said  goodbye.

Walking out of that hospital with childless arms was the hardest thing we ever had to do.

So in his memory  and for  the other angel babies who didn’t come home we are donating memory boxes so that other parents don’t leave empty handed.

Forget-Me-Not relies 100% on donations to fill the boxes and is entirely not for profit. We fund-raise by selling donated items, organising events  and by running a toddler group.

A complete box cost approximately £15 but gives priceless memories such as photos ,feet and hand-prints to a bereaved family.

One angel mummy giving to another